How much bagage can I bring and what are the rules?

General luggage terms:

New measurements of our hand baggage effective 10th February 2019 are:


We remind all our guests that the main hand baggage should not exceed 10kg in weight. The hand baggage needs to fit our baggage sizers located at all airports.

After the first 100 pieces of hand baggage (in the case of an A320 except A320neo) or the first 80 (on an A319 and A320neo) are placed in the cabin, all the other remaining hand baggage will be placed in the aircraft hold, free of charge, given they also meet approved weight and dimensions as explained above. We encourage guests who wish to keep their hand baggage with them, especially due to tight connecting flights, to queue for boarding at their earliest convenience.

One additional piece of hand baggage weighing not more than 2kgs like camera bags, small umbrellas, netbook/tablet cases and purses which do not exceed 40x30x15cm (ensuring they fit easily under the seat in front) may still be brought on board.

Hand baggage beyond the maximum weight and dimensions or second pieces (e.g. large handbags, backpacks, second hand baggage etc) will be subject to a charge of €80 per bag at check-in or at the departure gate. Charges at the gate must be paid by credit card.



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