Is food available on the flights?


Economy In-flight Catering

We are proud to provide our Economy Passengers an in-flight catering service that includes daily prepared, home-made, fresh food options, a wide selection of popular snacks, and a variety of hot and cold drinks, focusing on quality and choice. We source hand-made, freshly-prepared food products, daily prepared by one of Malta’s most famous chefs, Neil Darmanin. Guests will have the opportunity to taste some of our local produce and products, having a variety of food including vegetarian and vegan options.*


This new buy on board service will be available on selected flights (excluding shortest routes where bar service is not available), giving our guests the option to purchase items using both cash and credit cards. To see the full range, please check our  Sky Bar Menu.

we cannot assure our guests that the cabin is free from food allergens.

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