What are the rules for travelling while pregnant?

Travel for pregnant passengers

Your comfort and safety as an expectant mother are very important to us.  Here are a few rules and guidelines that we have put in place to ensure you have a healthy and enjoyable flight. You should continue reading the below to make sure that you are well prepared and ready to fly. 

Documentation required 

To travel with us while pregnant, we will need assurances from a medical expert about your state of health. Proving that you are fit to fly is done by acquiring the right documentation and presenting this at check-in. The kind of documentation needed will depend on how advanced your pregnancy is. 

Less than 28 weeks of pregnancy:
 you will be able to fly with us without the need of any documentation. 

Between 28 to 35 weeks of pregnancy: you will need to present a certificate from your own medical consultant stating that you are fit enough to fly.

From 36 weeks of pregnancy onwards: you will need clearance as issued by Air Malta’s own medical doctor. Contact our Medical Help Desk by calling: +356 22999296, or e-mail, for further information.

Please note that flying when 36 weeks pregnant or more is not recommended.

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