How do I pay?


1. Mastercard/VISA – card payment

When you choose card payment, you give your card information. If your card is linked to 3D Secure (secure internet shopping), you will be asked to provide your code. We have chosen to use 3D Secure for your safety. This means that no one else can misuse your card. Some banks use a security device while others use a password. All information about how you proceed using 3D Secure or secure online shopping can be found on your online bank. Look for it under the category "cards and online shopping". No fees!


2. Deposit Payment

For many of our trips, we offer the possibility of "postponed final pay". This means that all you have to pay at the time of booking is part of the total amount. Final payment is usually due 30 days before departure. Our payment will be displayed as a payment option for all trips where this option is valid. You are still bound by the trip though, just as if you had paid 100% of the price when booking. No fees.



*All of our payment options are encrypted by the safest standards accessible today and are approved by all credit and payment institutes. This is so that you as a customer will feel totally safe while paying for a trip with us.

**No matter your payment method, you will be bound by the travel agreement in the same way as if you had paid the full price at the time of booking. It is also not possible to change payment options as soon as the trip has been confirmed and booked.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us via email.

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