What happens in case of a strike?

The rights for air passengers are governed by an EU regulation. This regulation is valid in the entire EU as well as in Norway, Iceland and Switzerland. In case a flight does not depart on time because of a strike, the same rules will apply as for delayed and cancelled flights.

If you are concerned by a flight cancellation caused by a strike, you primarily have these rights (paid and provided by the airline):

  • Right to rebook or get a refund for the ticket.
  • Right to food and drink (through coupons that are handed out).
  • Right to hotel accommodation.
  • You can also have the right to reimbursement for expenses or compensation.

In case of a strike, you always have the right to be assisted by the airline. Please wait for information on the location and/or seek out an information desk. Keep in mind that if you opt for a ticket refund, the airline no longer has an obligation to pay for hotel or food.

In case of a strike, the basic regulations are the same rules as for cancelled and delayed flights.


Have you gotten any problem with an airline because of an air strike? If you either complained to the airline and did not get a response or you are not happy with the response you got, you can contact European Consumer Centres Network

Contact us if you are affected, explain the actions you have taken so far and what decisions you/the airline has made. If we are not contacted, we cannot update the hotel and the transfer company (if you have booked this).

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