My luggage is delayed or damaged. What should I do?

Luggage compensation

If you did not get your luggage or if a bag gets damaged during the flight, you must report this to the airline's representatives at the airport. They will fill in a so-called PIR report (claim of loss), which you will get a copy of, and call for your luggage to be found. You have to do this on your own. The airline will contact you as soon as your luggage has been found.

If your luggage was damaged during the flight, you must make a claim.

If you did not submit a PIR report at the airport, you need to contact your airline immediately.

Compensation claims are then made directly to the respective airlines.

Note: The airline is not responsible for medications, any valuables such as camera, cash, jewellery, etc., which are stored in checked-in luggage. Some airlines offer special insurance for theft-prone items. In such cases, a special declaration must be made directly to the airline at check-in.

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