How does it work if I want to cancel my trip or possibly parts of my trip?


You must always cancel your trip via contacting us (written) and you must do so immediately after you have established the reason. If you have to cancel your trip outside our office hours, always contact the airline and/or the hotel directly. Inform us afterwards via email about the measures that you have taken.

Hotel cancellation (hotel only on your reservation)
The rules for the cancellation, change and refund of a hotel vary for different hotels and seasons.
If you do not cancel before departure, you cannot get a refund. Before booking, check the regulations for the hotels you are interested in. Our regulations may differ from those of the hotels.

Cancellation of hotel + flight
Usually, the airfare is NOT refundable. In some cases, all or part of the hotel booking can be refunded. This depends on how far in advance the cancellation takes place, as well as on the season. Contact us immediately when a reason for a possible cancellation occurs to know the conditions for a specific travel.

Administrative charge
In cases where a refund after a cancellation/change is possible, we charge an administrative fee in addition to the cost charged by the airline and/or hotel. The fee is always at least GBP 40 per person. The trip must always be cancelled before departure in order for any refund to be granted.

Trip Cancellation Insurance
In order to avoid high cancellation costs in connection with illness or serious verifiable reasons, we recommend that you purchase a separate trip cancellation insurance.

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