How does the booking process work?

When booking for a trip, search for the product/s that you want. After that, choose the details of the trip that you want to add. This way, it is possible for you to decide when and how long you want to travel and tailor your trip according to YOUR needs and wishes. One example is the time you wish to depart and arrive home. Click "more flight options" to see all available flights to your desired destination. The cheapest option is always displayed first.

The next step is to give your name, phone number and email address. In this last step, your vacation trip shall be paid. A confirmation of what you have booked will be visible on the right throughout the whole booking process.

The booking is finalised with a confirmation page and a confirmation number. At the same time, an email will be sent to the email address given. The confirmation number and the confirmation email is your proof that the booking has been made. In conjunction with this, the booking is binding for the traveller.

Therefore, it is of utter importance to notify us if the email address is changed after the booking but it should be before departure.

If your booking does not end with a confirmation page including a booking reference or if you do not get a confirmation via email, please contact our customer service immediately.

It is the buyer's and the traveller's responsibility to ensure that the booking confirmation sent via email matches those travel products that have been booked. If the confirmation has not arrived directly after you have made your booking or if something in the confirmation is not correct, contact us immediately.

It is the buyer's responsibility to enter the travellers' correct names. The name must be spelt exactly as in the passport. If your name is too long, leave out any middle names. The most important part is that the first and the last name are the same as in the passport. Any costs associated with an incorrectly spelt name is the customer's responsibility. Some airlines will not allow you to change names on the ticket but will require you to book a new one.

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