My flight is delayed!

We only mediate the flight tickets and we are not responsible for any situations related to the flight itself. Examples of these are lost luggage, fees for luggage not included in the flight price, cancelled flights, flight delays & changes in the flight schedule. This responsibility is associated with the airline and you should turn directly to them with any issues or complaints.

This may be done as the situation occurs. If there is a delay, you as a passenger are entitled to major compensations from the airline. File demands for compensation right then and there in connection with the delay. You can read more about your rights and how to proceed here.

Don´t forget to check the time for both the outbound trip and for the trip arriving home 24 hours before departure. It is always the customer's responsibility to check any changes in the time schedule with the airline booked. We take no responsibility for emails that, for any reason, does not reach the recipient (e.g. due to spam filters).

All claims are to be made to the actual airline. Here you can read more about the EU-regulation 261/2004:

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