Is it possible to travel with a baby stroller?

Yes, you may.

Bringing a baby pram on board is usually free of charge. However, please note that some airlines may charge a service fee. Check your airline's website to make sure you know what terms are applicable for your travel. The baby pram will be checked in as special luggage. At most airports, it is not possible to bring the baby pram all the way to the gate, but there are usually prams that you can borrow.

We recommend that you pack your baby pram well and that any loose parts such as wheels and umbrellas are removed. It is possible to buy a thick plastic bag at the airport that can protect the pram. To avoid dirt, there are special protection bags that can be bought at an extra fee in Scandinavian airports. The price is around GBP5 (might vary).

It is important to know that your insurance won´t cover any damages to your baby pram.

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