How does the transfer work?

The transfer is not included in the basic price for the trip, but it can be purchased as an addition for many of our destinations (not in major cities - except for Barcelona) when booking your trip. If you wish to transfer, it is important that you order this during the booking. It means a lot of manual work and extra expenses to book a transfer afterwards.

Print and view the information on your transfer ticket that is in your account along with your other travel documents. Your transfer is waiting for you upon your arrival at the destination (the time stated on your ticket is your flight time and NOT your pick-up time for the transfer). The price includes transfer for both outbound and return journey. When it is time for your return journey, please go to the reception of the hotel you are staying, earliest is 24 hours before departure, where you will receive the information about pick-up time and location.

Should any problems arise and your transfer is not at the pickup location, you should consult the information desk that is available at some of the destinations and/or call the local telephone number on your ticket. If you choose to take a taxi to/from the hotel, save the receipt and contact us and we will look into what may have gone wrong.

Often, different options for transfers are offered. The most common are:

1. Shuttle bus/Transfer: With this, you share the transport with other passengers and the size of the bus is adapted to the number of arrivals and their choice of hotel. This could mean that the bus stops at more than one hotel. This option is usually the cheapest and the price is given per person.

Please note: The access to certain hotels might be limited, sometimes making it difficult for the bus to drive all the way to the hotel entrance. In these cases, the bus will stop at the nearest bus stop which could mean a shorter walk to the hotel.

2. Taxi transfer: This is a private transport for you and your travel companion(s). This option is usually a bit more expensive, but in return, you always go directly to your hotel. The price is stated per person and usually, the taxi company accepts up to four passengers.

1. Arrival at the airport: At most destinations, you will be met by a representative when you leave the arrivals hall. This person will hold up a sign with your travel agent's name on it. At some destinations, you should go to an office in the arrivals hall or its vicinity. Information about how to get to your particular destination is stated on your transfer ticket.

2. Return home from the hotel: The day before the return journey, the hotel will be notified of the exact time for your transfer. This will be done either by fax or email sent to the hotel. You can find the information on the exact pickup time at the reception, either in your key box or in another designated location. It is sent out often in the late afternoon or early evening on the day before departure.

We apply modern technology where most things are automated. This means that additional bookings in retrospect entail administrative work that does not fit our modern model where we try to be extremely careful about our costs and thus your money. We consider the possibility of booking a transfer as a service and conveying it to the net price. We, therefore, charge an administrative fee for the additional manual booking of a transfer afterwards.

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