I have forgotten to book a transfer when I booked the trip. How do I add it now if I want to book one?

We offer the opportunity to book a transfer as well to and from the hotel at many of our destinations. However, this does not apply to most major cities where the public transport by train/bus is superior. Availability and price of a potential transfer are indicated once you have chosen hotels and/or flights for each destination.

If you wish to transfer to/from the hotel, you should always book this in connection with your booking. If you missed doing it, you can contact us and we will look into the possibility of booking a transfer afterwards (minimum one week before departure).

We apply modern technology, where most things are automated. This means that additional bookings afterwards entail administrative work that does not fit our modern model, where we try to be extremely careful about our costs and your money. We consider the possibility of booking a transfer as a service and convey it to the net price. We, therefore, charge an administrative fee of GBP 40 for an additional manual booking of a transfer afterwards.

The transfer price depends on the destination and the hotel, as well as on the distance between the hotel and airport. The price also depends on whether you want a shuttle bus or a private taxi, which is a slightly more expensive alternative, although it is more comfortable.

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