I have entered the wrong name in my reservation. Can I change it?

Regarding name changes, different rules apply to different airlines and there are only a few airlines that accept name changes (and always with a fee). Contact us and we are happy to help you check if a name change is possible. If you want to proceed with the change, we will charge a fixed administrative fee of GBP 40 on top of the airline fee.

It is important that you always double check the names and make sure that it matches with the names written in the passport before you proceed with your binding purchase.

Airlines will usually accept spelling errors of up to three (3) letters. In these cases, no name change is required.

Please note! Remember that all airlines have different rules regarding changing names written on the flight ticket, both with spelling errors and exchange passengers. Some airlines can make name changes for an extra fee, but this usually only applies to large corporations such as SAS, Norwegian and Ryanair.

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