What rules apply if you are under 18 years old? Is it possible for minors to check in at the hotel?

These days, many hotels require that the person checking in is over the age of 18. This is why it's the responsibility of each customer to contact the hotel to find out what rules apply before booking a room. In most cases, this isn't an issue, depending on the country/hotel. We require a signed parental consent form before departure, which means one of the parents of the passenger who is under the age of 18 sends the signed parental certificate to us and confirms that the minor is allowed to travel on their own.

Some hotels also require guests to have a signed parental consent certificate that shows that they accept responsibility for any inconvenience their children might cause. Print the consent form and bring it with you on your holiday.

Download the parental consent form.

Note that the United Arab Emirates does not let anyone under the age of 21 to check in to a hotel if they're not accompanied by someone over the age of 21.

Some of our hotels are only for adults (16/18+) and are labelled 'adults only'.

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