What different rooms types are there and how do they differ from one another?

In many cases, hotels use their own terminology and room types, and therefore we refer you to the hotel page that is linked and associated with each specific hotel. If you still have questions after visiting the hotel's website, just contact us via email.


Common room types are:

Single room

A one-person room. The size, placement and standard of the room might be a bit less than that in the double rooms. Note that if you have booked a double room for only 1 person, then the hotel has the right to optimise its occupancy and relocate you to a so-called "Twin/double for single use", which can be a slightly smaller room with a single bed.

Double room/standard room

A room for two people. The room has two separate beds or one double bed. When the room has two separate beds, it is referred to as standard twin room. 

Superior, Premium, Executive, Deluxe, or similar

These different designations are not infrequently used for equivalent rooms in different hotels. Often slightly larger, and sometimes with a slightly higher interior and/or equipment standard, than Double room/standard room. If a hotel has several of these room types, e.g. both Superior and Premium, we recommend that the customer read about the differences on the hotel's website.

Three bedroom

A room for three people. The room has either three separate beds or one double bed and a single bed, grand lit and a single bed or two grand lit.

(A single bed is anything between 80-110 cm wide; Grand lit is a 111-140 cm wide bed; double bed queen size is a 141-189 cm wide bed)

Four bedroom

A room for four people. The room has either four separate beds, two double beds, two bunk beds or one bunk bed combined with any other bed.

Family room

Consists of one room with sleeping area, one bedroom with an alcove or one bedroom with a sleeping loft. It could also consist of two rooms.


If you book an apartment when going on vacation, it is usually an apartment situated in a larger complex like an apartment hotel. So this works just as in a regular hotel only that you have access to a full apartment with kitchenette. Often when you choose this alternative, it is a way to cut costs by cooking your own meals. On some occasions, cleaning is included.

Other room types

Please consult the website of the specific hotel.

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