What is an online ticket?

Under the tab "Your Booking" you can find your online tickets. The names on the tickets must be spelt correctly and must be the same as in the passport. Tickets must be printed and be brought on the trip. The tickets are not sent by regular mail or email.

Online tickets/e-ticket:

Most airlines are now using electronic tickets or e-tickets. In short, this means that you are travelling without a ticket. Your flight ticket on your account provides you with the flight schedule, flight number, etc., but you will have to check in with your airline's reference number (on the top right corner of the ticket) and the same applies if you obtain your boarding pass(es). This is your travel document and "ticket".

The advantage of an online ticket is that you have your booking available online at all times and you, therefore, cannot lose your reservation or tickets. As the traveller, you always have access to your reservation.

Have a good trip!

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