How should I write my name on the booking?

You must enter your name as it is written in your passport. If your name is too long, it is enough to write the first name in your passport, leaving out the middle name/s.

Note: Due to high-security demands by the airlines, it is important to enter the names correctly of all travellers included in the booking.

First name: Enter the initial first name that is in your passport even if that is not your first name.
Family name: Enter all family names according to your passport. You cannot shorten your name or give them as initials only. If you are to be married, you must book your travel in the same name as will be stated in your passport when you travel.

Please double check that you have entered all information correctly. Please note that the booking system removes all spacings and punctuation between names.

It is common for airlines to not allow name changes afterwards, and if it is possible at all, there is usually a fee. In those cases when it is possible to change the names, it must be done at least 24 hours before departure. On top of the fee charged by the airline for the name change, we will charge you GBP 40 per ticket to manage the change.

Some examples:

Name in passport Enter name
John Isac Paul Anderson John Anderson
John Issac Paul Anderson-Thomson John Anderson Thomson
Ann-Margaret Anderson Ann Margaret Anderson
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